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Construction manual


Servo,s needed and recommended

Wren Supersport
Simjet 1200

P-60-80-120 (derated)

Flaps 8-11 kilos (JR8311, hitec 5941 any standard size servo fits)
Ailerons 6 (wren 54/Simjet)-11 kilos Supersport and up (Standard servos fit) Rudders: JR DS3301 or Graupner DS3328 or any other that can fit Elevator 11 kilos JR8311 or higher
Front wheel steering standard servo of about 50N

Engine(s) recommended

Antyhing between 50N-120N (derated)

Technical Data

Span 1.77M
Length 2.00M
Dry weight with Wren Supersport and RC 8.2 kilo,s

Building time

Aprox 20 hours

Mounting Landing Gear

Assembling landing gear:
Make sure the retract functions ok, if they don't run smooth , take off the left or right side
of the
Re lube the slides and Rod.
Check by supplying air, they should move up and down at very low pressure (0.5 bar)
Mounting the Main oleos:
Make sure you mount the small plates first! (see picture)
The small plates (0,1 steel) take out the play between oleo and retract.

The plate is nesecary to make sure the retract does not deform.

Please look on this picture how they look
Unscrew the unlock screw for the axle, mount the wheel, brakes, and axle

Fasten the screw and you are done.

NOTE: mount the oleo,s and wheels so the the spring looks forwards, and the wheels looks outwards.

The front wheel and oleo is allready pre assembled, and just needs to be secured to the front pin
NOTE: make a flat spot on the pin to secure the front leg


Front steering linkage:

This is a very simple and effective setup where you never have a problem that your wheel or oleo will Hang up in the steering wires.

The trick is to make a U‐turn as seen on picture

Note: on picture shown the retract is on top of the Wooden former this MUST be attached to the downside of the former It will be much stronger (strong more☺)

Also picture shows where to put the manual valves if needed


First do a dry fit without drilling the holes..

On your latest Velox it is possible to mount Gear doors.

Our Velox has flown without these doors at very high speed , so it is not necessary to have gear doors

But you can off course mount them if you want.

Make sure the oleo's clear the fuselage , if not cut some away with a dremel.

Jet1A oleo's have a offset of 1 degree to the back, this will mean it needs between 35mm cut out on the back of the wheel cut out to clear.

That is why you can move the retract a little to clear out most of the space you need.